Sugar Part Deux

By Heather Petrey


Timmery Turner has done it again! Her post-Valentine’s Day show was such a hit that the 4300 Loft was packed to the gills with people.The show featured several new vendors, a cute Valentine’s-themed photo booth by Katie Hillier of and a fashion show.
Here is an overview of the vendors I met that evening…
Victoria Reyna of Vireyna featured some breathtaking jewelry that immediately caught my eye. Her brand, Vireyna means “the wife of the Virrey who was the representative of the Spanish king in the land which is now Argentina, at that time Virreynato del Rio de la Plata. I’m from there and my name-Victoria Reyna matches it perfectly.” The brand’s concept is “just design”- which means design is in everything. Victoria started out as an interior designer, then landscape designer before finally making her mark in fashion. Her concept of design began as minimalist, but grew into a more ecclectic style “which is why you can see in my designs something bold and simple, architectual and minimalist or something with an intricate, sexy and trendy flair.” She gains her inspiration from materials she uses in her interior/exterior design projects to organic shapes from perfection to the chaos of nature. She uses metal chains, her very own handmade glass, semiprecious stones, stainless steel, leather, yarn, pearls, pebbles, feathers and “any material which falls into my hands with a special beauty.” Her favorite pieces from her jewelry line are the extra long glass beaded necklaces with tassels, glass rings, leather cuffs and bulky semiprecious stone necklaces. Her favorite pieces in the fashion accessory line are feather head pieces, leather/corset belts and leather ties for men. The price to own some unique pieces are in the range of $15-100.
You can contact her at
It was another great show!

March 21st, 2010